AnonimalusSend message

The Anonimalus.

The discord bot, that sends all what you say to discord clients and guild channels.

Invite it to your server, or the server you want to communicate with anonymously, and it will be able to send messages to the server members*

If you're going to use this instance of Anonimalus, you'll be able to send messages from here

The source code of the bot, this static website and the message api placed here

* User should have enabled option "Allow direct messages from server members"


dm!dm <user_id> <message>Send a message to user
send!send <channel_id> <message>Send a message to the guild channel with the corresponding id
howto!howtoShow how to copy ids
help!helpShows a short resume of the bots features


No. The bot has no any data stores. It also does not log any message events.

No. Only if user himself send you his data. But who knows, maybe it's fake?

It is impossible. Message events not saving or logging. So, there's no data that could be revealed

Yes. You can clone the bot from github repo and follow the instruction in readme. Feel free to contact me if something goes not smooth.